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Experienced professional counseling from a Christian perspective





Hopefound Christian Counseling
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"Experienced professional counseling from a Christian Perspective"

Providing Services In:

Individual psychotherapy for teenagers and adults, marital and pre-marital counseling, family counseling, and spiritual formation counseling.

Problems Treated:

Marital, family, adolescent adjustment, divorce recovery, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, post traumatic stress disorder, grief and loss, spirituality issues.

LuAnn Grambow graduated from Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, and earned a Masters in Counseling Degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She has been a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor since 1990. She co-owned Belsay Christian Counseling Center in Burton, Michigan from 1990 until 1998. She has owned HopeFound Christian Counseling in Salisbury, North Carolina since 1999. She has spoken frequently at conferences, seminars and marriage retreats.

LuAnn co-founded and was Executive Director of Lapeer (Michigan) Pregnancy and Family Care Center, a ministry to women in unplanned pregnancies. She founded and was Board president of Manna Ministries in Lapeer, Michigan, a community-wide ministry of help to needy persons. Most recently she was Board member and President of Pregnancy Support Center of Salisbury, North Carolina. Throughout her life she has acted on her belief in a powerful God who is capable of doing remarkable things if we will make ourselves available to Him.

LuAnn is a charter member of American Association of Christian Counselors. She is married to Butch Grambow. They have three children and 6 grandchildren.

LuAnn Grambow, M.A., L.P.C.


Hopefound In Paradise Lost

Foreword by nationally known author, Dr. Gary Chapman.
(Complete Foreword text following Synopsis)

Based on the profoundly life-changing metaphor, Hope Found in Paradise Lost, the book addresses perhaps the two most daunting challenges Christians face: coping with life’s hurts and the struggle to live beyond ourselves. It makes an enlightening connection between the two: disappointing life experiences ultimately convince us that all our efforts to build the perfect, happy life are without guarantee-much of life is out of our control. God wants to use our facing this distressing truth to free us from pursuit of comfortable circumstances as the purpose of life, to instead pursue with joyous, abandoned freedom God's purposes for which He created us and gives us life.

A unique strength of HopeFound in Paradise Lost is that it blends LuAnn’s professional understanding of human nature and functioning with Biblical principles regarding sin and dying to self in a very reader-friendly way. It enables the reader to understand how Satan integrated the sin-nature into our God-given human nature to entrap us into self-serving, circumstance-focused living. The book walks readers through a dramatically changed life view and a change-process that truly sets them free to live out this new “HopeFound Lifestyle“-the radical, world-impacting lives God intends for them to experience.

Hopefound In Paradise Lost can be purchased on the publisher's website: www.xulonpress.com, at amazon.com, or as a Kindle e-book.

by Dr. Gary Chapman

There are some people who believe that if you walk closely with God, your spouse will never get sick, you will never lose your job, and your children will not mess with drugs. Those who believe this are not living in the world described in the Bible. The fact is Christians have automobile accidents, their houses get infested with termites, and many Christians die young.

If one believes that the Christian life is always beautiful, then when crises come, one will likely lash out at God. “How could you let this happen to me?” “If you really loved me, You would heal my child.” In short, we often feel good about God when things are going well and mad at God (or at least confused) when trouble comes.

We might dismiss the matter by saying that these people have a non-biblical view of God. I believe it is more serious than that. It is highly possible that these people are idol worshippers. They are trusting in health, relationships, good jobs, and material comforts to bring them satisfaction and happiness, instead of trusting in God who will be there when all of these things are gone.

In Hope Found in Paradise Lost, LuAnn Grambow presents a metaphor which I think many people will find helpful. The walls we build to protect ourselves from hurt, often are barriers to our spiritual growth. When a crisis comes, the walls fall down around us and we stand helpless. It is in our need that we often encounter God in a whole new way. In the Old Testament, Job speaks to God and indicates that before his troubles, “my ears had heard of you.” After the crises he said, “Now my eyes have seen you.”

This book does not offer a quick fix to the pains of life. However, it does draw out the roadmap whereby you can overcome your enslavement to the pursuit of comfortable life circumstances, come to really know God, and let Him change you into someone whom He can use to bless the world. To be used of God to accomplish His purposes in your generation – there is no higher calling.

Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D.
Author of, The Five Love Languages and The Five Languages of Apology